Research and development


After 2010, three science, technology and industrial parks as well as two research and development centers were established in the Lubuskie Voivodeship with the support of EU funds. These are:

Gorzowski Ośrodek Technologiczny Park Naukowo -Przemysłowy Sp. z o.o.

GOT PNP is a center that specializes, among others, in commercializing innovative solutions in the field of environmental technologies. It supports start-ups, conducts training and consultancy, supports the identification of intellectual property objects and offers investment areas. For young people, it has a wide laboratory offer at the Young Inventor's Club.

ul. Teatralna 49,
66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski
tel. +48 (95) 781 70 84

Stanowice 29,
66-450 Bogdaniec
tel. +48 (95) 781 70 84

Kub Młodego Wynalazcy
tel. +48 669 994 577

Regionalne Centrum Technologii i Wiedzy Interior Sp z o.o.

Interior conducts research projects, advises, trains, educates and incubates. Provides services in research centers in the field of corrosion research, metrology and ICT. It rents office, laboratory and production space. Runs a seed capital fund. It animates economic cooperation. Creates innovative companies.

ul. Inżynierska 8
67-100 Nowa Sól
tel. (+48 ) 68 411 44 00

Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego Sp. z o.o.

PNT UZ conducts advanced research in 3 centers: Center for Sustainable Building and Energy, Center for Innovation Technologies for Human Health and Center for Information Technologies. In addition, it presents the results of scientific research in industry, produces new technologies and supports the process of technology transfer, promotes innovation, supports startups and companies from the SME sector.

Nowy Kisielin – ul Syrkiewicza 6
66-002 Zielona Góra

Lubuski Ośrodek Innowacji i Wdrożeń Agrotechnicznych (LOIiWA) Sp. z o.o.

The center focuses on knowledge transfer for nursery, horticulture and food processing (cheese making, brewing, meat and fruit and vegetable processing). It solves technological problems of food producers, provides innovative services, performs research and technological tests as well as laboratory analyzes of food and plant material, and develops new recipes and food products.

Kalsk 122,
66-100 Sulechów
tel. 68 353 46 63

Centrum Energetyki Odnawialnej Sp. z o.o.

The CEO conducts research in the field of obtaining, processing and distributing renewable energy from various sources, mutual interactions of these sources and broadly understood energy efficiency in various climatic conditions. One of the leading research centers in Lubuskie, which implements all the results of its work into the company's offer and covers the protection of intellectual property.

ul. Armii Krajowej 51,
66-100 Sulechów
tel.68 352 01 01

Centrum Przedsiębiorczości i Transferu Technologii

The Center carries out intra-university tasks and provides services to all external entities, i.e. natural persons, legal persons, public utility units, etc. The goal of CPTT UZ is to stimulate innovation, promote entrepreneurship, promote the transfer of modern technologies and coordinate the exchange of information and experiences between the University of Zielona Góra and industry, local government units and business-related organizations.

  • Leading services: expertises, analyzes, process development in the field of, among others environmental engineering, construction, mechanics, electrical engineering, sociology and law.

  • Services from leading technological areas: environmental engineering, construction, mechanics, electrical engineering, architecture, social sciences.

ul. Nowy Kisielin – Syrkiewicza 6
66-002 Zielona Góra
tel: (+48) 504 070 281