Smart specialization is a clearly defined vision of development, using the existing potential of the region and consistent implementation of the chosen strategy. They cover not only modern technologies and services, but also social innovation, science and education. Investing in these areas can become a lever for economic development, increase the standard of living of ITS inhabitants, as well as strengthen access to knowledge. The aim of the specialization is to build a competitive economy based on the development of enterprises, social capital, scientific units and research and development infrastructure.

Also for the Lubuskie region, the selection of smart specialization areas was one of the conditions for the voivodeship to receive support from European funds, mainly in the field of research and innovation.

As a result of research and consultations with the environment, incl. business, science and business environment institutions in 2016, smart specializations were selected. The most important element of the process was to identify areas that will ensure the success of the Lubuskie region, as well as to set directions for research and development and innovation.

The adopted specializations are part of the region's innovation policy, which is detailed in the Innovation Development Program until 2020. PRI 2020 combines tools to support innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge and social capital.